Black Transgender Woman Attacked in Texas Found Dead

Maria Perez SAVE THIS

Muhlaysia Booker (Facebook).

A Black transgender woman who was attacked in Dallas, Texas last month has been found dead, the Dallas Police Department said.

Muhlaysia Booker, 23, was shot and killed on Saturday, May 18, Major Vincent Weddington of the Dallas Police Department said in a news conference. Booker’s body was found at around 6:45 am on Saturday and her identity was confirmed on Sunday. Authorities have said there is no evidence linking the killing to the April attack.

In April, Booker made national headlines after a three-minute video of their assault went viral. The video shows Booker, who is wearing a pink wig, being repeatedly punched by a man named Edward Thomas, before other men join in to kick her.

The incident was considered a hate crime and police arrested Thomas, 29, for alleged aggravated assault. During the conference, Weddington said Thomas was no longer in police…

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  • Cinn

    Such a shame. Rest in peace Muhlaysia. Sorry that this was the hand you were dealt. I hope you get justice.

  • alexander barnett

    How I wish I had been there when she was attacked by these human scum. The outcome might have been different.

  • Daniel Louis Duncan

    21st century’s form of lynching has arrived to target the non-conforming among us. Until this makes huge waves in public discourse, this will continue. We are all less for this shame heaped on top of a long history of racism and misogyny. Please remember why “coming out” is one of the most dangerous, yet courageous things a human can do. We must all remember and honor this by being just as courageous with our support.

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