Black Scientist Encounters Racist Effigy of Lynched Black Man While Traveling for PBS Special

Nicole Rojas SAVE THIS

Rae Wynn-Grant (Facebook).

A Black scientist recently shared a frightening and racist situation she encountered while traveling to Maryland for a TV special on black bears.

Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant, a conservation scientist and large carnivore ecologist, was traveling for a PBS special called “American Spring Live” on April 28 when she encountered a racist effigy of a lynched Black man hanging from a tree. On Twitter, Wynn-Grant shared how working to protect the environment can be dangerous and “mentally/emotionally costly” for Black scientists.

“I’ve just arrived on location for the show — in Oakland, MD on the border of West Virginia. Upon getting off the highway I was greeted with a big house with a large front lawn and old tree. Hanging from the tree was an effigy of a lynched Black man. Life sized,” Wynn-Grant tweeted.

“Continuing down the road, each house was flying a Confederate…

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