Black Florida Man Racially Profiled While Using Starbucks Restroom

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A Black man said he was racially profiled at a Starbucks in Florida for using the bathroom.

Lorne Green told WFTS that he plans to sue Starbucks for discrimination. The 44-year-old public insurance adjuster said he entered the coffee shop on West Brandon Boulevard in Tampa Bay, Florida to work and used the bathroom before placing an order at the counter. He said he heard an employee say “the big Black guy is headed for the bathroom.”

While Green was using the bathroom, he told WFTS that he heard employees banging on the door and asking, “Do you need us to call fire rescue?” Green told the news station he was concerned for his safety and called Starbucks corporate to tell them about the incident.

“I have never experienced anything like this to this degree. This is extreme,” Green told WFTS.

Green’s attorney, Jasmine Rand, told WFTS that her…

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