Black Couple Sues Colorado Police for Illegal Search

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(dwightsghost, Flickr).

A Black couple in Colorado sued an Aurora Police officer and the city of Aurora Police Department on claims that the officer searched them and their vehicle without probable cause during a traffic stop for a broken tail light.

Angela Brown and Keith Penny filed suit against Aurora Officer Andrew McDermott on Monday, April 15, exactly two years after the incident occurred. The lawsuit, which was filed in US District Court in Denver, claims McDermott searched the couple’s bodies and vehicle during a stop on the corner of East Colfax Avenue and North Sable Boulevard without legal cause.

“This case concerns the careless and cavalier harassment of a young Black couple when a white veteran police officer stopped a vehicle for a broken tail light and subjected the couple to an unnecessarily long detention that included searches of the couple’s bodies and vehicles, without a…

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