Black Couple Racially Profiled During Marriage Proposal in Upstate NY Orchard

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A Black woman claims she and her fiancé were racially profiled at a cidery in New York during her fiancé’s proposal.

Cathy-Marie Hamlet wrote on Facebook that she, her fiancé, and a group of friends drove to Walden, New York to Angry Orchard to celebrate her fiancé’s 40th birthday. Hamlet told NBC News that she and her fiancé Clyde Jackson were sitting at a table outside of the orchard’s gift shop when a female security guard approached them and accused Jackson of stealing a T-shirt and putting it in his back pocket.

“My boyfriend walked me out to an empty table on the lawn, and before we could sit down, a young lady from security approached us and said to him, ‘I’m sorry sir, but I have to check [your] back pocket. I was told that you stole a T-shirt from the gift store,’” Hamlet wrote on Facebook….

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  • judelf

    If Angry Orchard were really serious about rectifying this mistake, they would invite the couple and their guests back for a true apology and SOMETHING! This general apology does nothing!

  • Michael Voight

    How do we know someone didn’t claim they saw him steal a t-shirt?
    Should the security guard ignore it when told someone stole something if the alleged thief is a member of a minority group?

    • Joe

      You clown! T Shirt. Back pocket really??? You racist pigs are the worst!

    • Rickey johnson

      No it’s just that they certainly don’t call the police on white people. Some whites call for nothing, shouldn’t those people be held for calling in a false police report?


    (To the previously poster) Seriously??? They claim the man stole it and searched him, didn’t find it and then come back to the woman search a purse that’s not big enough to hold a tee shirt and don’t find it and now they decide the guy who supposedly stole it pass it around(?) to his friends to hide so it could be stolen? Really????

  • elizabethmedia

    Being accused of stealing something when you didn’t do it is NEVER your fault, it’s the fault of whoever falsely accused you. The security guards should have satisfied themselves and left the group alone, not kept coming back more hostile. Wouldn’t happen to a white group, they’d have smiled and said sorry, our bad!

  • jack johnson

    Should change their name to “racist orchard (where we only serve white)”

  • EastValleyComGroup

    We hear this all the time: the behavior of an employee doesn’t reflect the company’s values. Question: the fact that YOU hired the person means just the opposite. Further ut means your HR Department isn’t seasoned enough to see racists. That’s where people of color have the advantage. We can sniffle out racist bs in seconds. My suggestion: 1. Revamp your hiring practices complete with situational questions. 2. Add a hiring caveat and have an employee sign, acknowledging this behavior will receive prompt firing. 3. Hire a biracial interviewing team.

  • katysheridan

    Shit like this brings tears of total frustration to me. What humiliation! Angry Orchard should host and comp their wedding. Needs to be a huge wedding! HUGE!

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