Black and Hispanic Workers Face Unemployment in the ‘Age of Automation’

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Technological advancements have accelerated human progress for centuries by making day-to-day life safer and more convenient. Improvements in technology are nearly exclusively considered to be positive, and the leaps and bounds in medical science are celebrated and showcased around the world. However, as technological advances are made, the workforce must adapt just as quickly. Previous technological upheavals have induced ripple effects that proved disastrous for certain sectors of the labor force. 

In early 2019, Forbes Magazine asserted that we have entered the “Age of Automation.” While this new age will surely benefit a segment of the workforce by allowing business owners to reduce production and labor costs, millions of Americans could lose their jobs to robots. The McKinsey Institute projects that by 2030, between 73 million jobs in the US would be at risk for automation. Manual labor and skilled trade jobs are most vulnerable to the…

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