Bernie Sanders Unveils Plan to Overhaul the Nation’s Criminal Justice System

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U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks to supporters at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles on March 23, 2019, Los Angeles, Calif. (Shutterstock).

Bernie Sanders released a wide-ranging proposal to reform the country’s criminal justice system and purge it of “institutional racism and corporate profiteering.” 

The proposal was released on August 18 at a campaign stop in Columbia, South Carolina. Sanders’ new platform criticizes America’s criminal justice system as an “overly-punitive approach to public safety.” 

Sanders seeks to make significant changes to mass incarceration, cash bail, the private prison system, policing, and the criminalization of drugs. He also hopes to improve jails, reform prisons, and tackle the challenges formerly incarcerated people face after being released. 

“We have a criminal justice system that is racist and broken, and working together we’re going to fundamentally transform it,” said Sanders, a Vermont independent running as a Democratic presidential candidate. 

As president, Sanders vowed to ban…

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