Baton Rouge Police Chief Apologizes for Cop Who Killed Alton Sterling

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Alton Sterling

Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul apologized to the city and the family of Alton Sterling on behalf of the department for hiring the officer who fatally shot Sterling.

“We are sorry Baton Rouge. I want to apologize to the family of Alton Sterling and also to his kids,” Paul said, WAFB reported. “We’re sorry because he should have never been hired. And while we obviously cannot change the past, it is clear that we must change the future, and I sincerely apologize for the actions of the past and the role that our profession has played in building barriers in communities of color in Baton Rouge.”

State officials decided not to file charges against the two officers involved in the fatal shooting of the 37-year-old man in March 2018. A few days after the decision, police fired Officer Blane Salamoni for violating the use of force…

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One comment

  • Randal A Lanham

    An apology is a pisspoor substitute for charging a murderer and bringing him to justice. This smacks of racism and corruption.

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