Barnard College Apologizes to Student Who was Racially Profiled at University Library

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(Popova Valeriya,

Students at two New York universities were plunged into a conversation about race and implicit bias when a Black Columbia University student was pinned down by public safety officers at Barnard College after he reportedly failed to show his ID.

Video of a Thursday, April 11 incident showed a confrontation between a Black male student and Barnard Public Safety officers escalating quickly. Officers accused the student, who has a right to enter and use Barnard’s library as a Columbia student, of running inside the library without showing his school ID. He told them that he was unaware of the policy requiring him to show identification.

Several officers can be seen surrounding the student, pinning his arms back as he tells them, “You have no right to touch me. Take your hands off me.” His requests that the officers get off him become more frantic…

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