Baltimore Police Officer Charged After Body Cam Captures Wrongful Arrest

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Body cam video capturing wrongful arrest by Baltimore Police (PoliceActivity/You Tube).

A Baltimore Police officer is facing criminal charges after body cam footage contradicted his report that a Black man passing by the arrest of another man was “combative and aggressive.”

The incident occurred on May 30, when Lee Dotson saw two Baltimore officers force a man to sit on a wet curb and made a comment. “That ground wet, man,” Dotson said calmly as he passed the scene in southwestern Baltimore and walked away.

In response, Sergeant Ethan Newberg told Dotson, “Why don’t you mind your business?” He then chased Dotson down the street, grabbed him by the arm and attempted to take him down. Body cam footage shows another officer tackle Dotson down to the ground and handcuff him.

Dotson is heard complaining about the way officers are treating him and says his rights are being violated. Newberg…

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One comment

  • jamaine9

    We need to follow this story because that second arrest smells retaliatory. They were hunting that young man because one of their own got caught.

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