Attorney Says Arrest of Black Hospital Patient in Illinois was Racist

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Shaquille Dukes (right), 24, posted cellphone videos taken by his friends who joined him on the walk outside the Freeport Health Network Memorial Hospital.

The attorney for a Black hospital patient who was taking a walk with an IV in his arm when he was arrested by police in Illinois earlier this month described the arrest as racist and further stated that the charges should be dropped.

Attorney Ben Crump said during a press conference on July 11 that his 24-year-old client, Shaquille Dukes, was arrested in June because of his skin color, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.
“His crime from everything we see on the video is simply he was in a hospital while black,” Crump said during the press conference.
Dukes posted to Facebook on June 17 that he was admitted into Freeport Health Network for double pneumonia while he was on vacation. He said in his post…

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