‘Atlantic’ Editor’s Insensitive Remarks Reveal Lack of Diversity in Newsrooms

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Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief of The Atlantic, finds himself the subject of severe criticism for his remarks regarding women journalists.

In a recent Nieman Lab Interview, designed to discuss hiring practices and diversity practices in the nation’s print newsrooms, Goldberg and Adrienne LaFrance, the former tech editor and now executive editor at The Atlantic, spoke broadly about ways to diversify the newsroom from executive personnel to the reporters, focusing primarily on women. The two journalists covered a wide range of issues ranging from prioritizing change, recognizing sexist behavior, acknowledging the need for change, and emphasizing the importance of female leadership.

While ostensibly admitting the need for change and the challenges The Atlantic and other news organizations have faced in prioritizing diversity, Goldberg appeared clueless and tone deaf on the issue of women’s ability as journalists. These sentiments became evident in his discussion of the journalistic skills of…

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  • hollym.owen

    White men are the only ones capable of writing 10,000 word cover stories. Who knows why 🙄🙄🙄

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