Arizona Volunteers Create Underground Network to Help Migrants

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(Iryna Inshyna,

As Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) expedites the release of hundreds of families in Arizona daily, a bevy of volunteers are rushing to help migrants find a safe place.

In the past three months, ICE has released at least 107,000 family and children in Texas, Arizona, and California, according to a report from Public Radio International (PRI) — and many don’t have a place to spend the night or a way to communicate with their loved ones. On several occasions, Phoenix families have sheltered more than 40 people at the same time.

“I see myself in every single one of these immigrants,” Marta Vázquez, a volunteer who has received more than 300 Central American parents at her house in Glendale since Christmas, told PRI. “And in each little face of the kids, I see the child that I brought with me.”

Most of these families are fleeing…

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  • Valerie Berta-Torales

    Thank you to these amazing volunteers. It takes all of them and all of us to stand up to this inhumane and profoundly unjust system.
    From an activist far from the border.

  • kericksonaz

    ICE in Phoenix has been dropping newly released asylum seekers at the bus station just to get them out of the detention centers. These people are completely lost and at the mercy of everyone around them. Several churches have been helping with one church taking in 500 people in one night! I’ve been able to help prepare meals and be a welcoming face a few times and will do it again. We form a long line to give high fives and hugs as they get off the ICE buses. If that’s all anyone can do, your help is welcome!

    • misskarenjean

      I would like to help and am in Phoenix! Can you give me the name(s) of organizations with whom I might volunteer?

  • Francesca

    I wish I could live someplace there right now. I would love to host families. I am so happy there are people who have the heart and soul to do this.

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