Arizona Man is Sentenced to Prison for Making Death Threats Against Black Students at Harvard

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The Harvard Memorial Hall, at Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts (

An Arizona man was sentenced to over a year in prison after threatening to shoot the attendees of Harvard University’s first-ever Black commencement ceremony and then threatened to bomb the school. 

Nicholas Zuckerman, 25, was sentenced to 15 months in prison by a federal judge in Boston, MassLive reported. Zuckerman, who lives in Phoenix, was indicted in 2018 after making threats on Harvard University’s Instagram page in May 2017 before the graduation ceremonies.

Under the username “russian_goalkeeper94,” the 25-year-old wrote: “If the Blacks only ceremony happens, then I encourage violence and death at it. I’m thinking two automatics with extendo clips. Just so no [racial expletives] gets away,” on May 23, 2017, according to a press release from the US Department of Justice. Zuckerman wrote the comment on a photo on Harvard’s Instagram page that featured three Black…

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