Apologizes for Ad Romanticizing Slavery

Maria Perez SAVE THIS

(DJSinop, issued an apology following backlash over an advertisement that romanticizes slavery.

The advertisement, which has been taken down from YouTube, was titled “Inseparable” and takes place during the 1800s. The commercial shows a white man and a Black woman named Abigail meeting each other secretly in a misty town. The man tells Abigail that he knows of a place where the two can escape and be together. In the video, which has been shared on Twitter, the man can be seen holding a ring.

“Abigail, we can escape to the North,” the man says. “There is a place we can be together, across the border. Will you leave with me?”

The ad then cuts to the tagline, “Without you, the story stops here,” and a marriage certificate that states the couple were wed in Canada in 1857. The controversial ad caught the attention of social media on…

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  • che1

    “…apologize for any offense that the ad may have caused…” This is the classic non-apology. “Sorry if you got hurt, we won’t really examine what it was that we did that contributed to this.”

    I’m tired, fam.

    • jhogge6612

      I thought the same thing…there’s no real resolution to the pain that this kind of representation triggers, and when the very least they could do is hold themselves accountable, truly, to this garbage, they failed. That is so disappointing..

  • DAdre Cunningham

    They were sorry they didn’t get the marketing right and might negatively impact their bottomline.

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