#AllOutDC Activists Criticize Police for Protecting ‘Proud Boys’ Over Black Lives

Chuck Modiano SAVE THIS

Police at #AllOutDC (Chuck Modiano).

“Thank you for coming out, and thank you to the police as well for supporting us.” These were the first words uttered by the first speaker to kick off the self-described “Demand Free Speech” rally in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, July 6. The rally was organized by The Proud Boys, an all-male group self-described as “Western Chauvinists” and part of a “pro-Western movement.” Event organizer David Sumrall praised the DC police for their support: “They really have our backs on this. Police are here to support and protect us.”

On this point there was mutual agreement by #AllOutDC activists, a much larger coalition of anti-racist counter-protesters across the heavily policed streets. At the outset of the #AllOutDC Rally in DC, organizer Nee Nee Taylor noted: “Look how they’re protecting them. Let’s be clear. I want you to watch for yourself. [The police are] protecting them,…

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