Activists Protest NYC’s Whitney Museum of American Art Over Ties to Racist and Militarist Violence

Skanda Kadirgamar SAVE THIS

Whitney Museum protest (Skanda Kadirgamar).

6:30 p.m. on Friday, May 17 marked both the beginning of the Whitney Biennial and the climactic end of nine weeks of protest over the museum retaining tear gas mogul Warren B. Kanders on its board of trustees. Kanders’ role as a key stakeholder financially ties the institution to the arms trade. This has drawn outrage from activists who say that leading centers of culture and art, like the Whitney, are aligning with armed occupations which are fueled by racism and colonialism.

Activist group Decolonize This Place declared the nine weeks of action and were joined by a staggering list of partner organizations. Some media outlets have pitted the protesters against artists participating in the Biennial exhibition, which has been hailed for its diversity. This, however, is a mischaracterization; 51 participating artists signed a petition demanding that Kanders resign. Moreover, the protesters’ capacity…

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  • A really informative post and lots of actually honest and forthright comments produced! This undoubtedly got me thinking a whole lot about this concern so cheers a whole lot for dropping!

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