Activists Demand Release of Rapper A$AP Rocky from Swedish Prison

Maria Perez SAVE THIS

A$AP Rocky (Chad Cooper, Flickr).

Celebrities and activists are demanding that Swedish officials release rapper A$AP Rocky from prison in Sweden.

The rapper was detained in Sweden after he was accused of assault. A petition that has been circulating to release him from the prison states that on June 30, the rapper and his bodyguard, along with two other performers, were harassed and assaulted by two men.

The rapper posted two videos to Instagram of the men following his bodyguard and the other two performers. Rocky can be heard saying that he did not want any trouble with the men and that they kept following him. In one of the videos, one of the men can be seen hitting Rocky’s bodyguard in the face with headphones.

“The group of men continued to follow and harass Rocky and his colleagues, asking for money, and began grabbing Rocky and the others. This…

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