Acting Philadelphia Police Commissioner Apologizes for Wearing Controversial LAPD T-Shirt

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Philadelphia’s interim Police Commissioner Christine Coulter issued an apology after a photo surfaced of her wearing a T-shirt in the 1990s that mocked Rodney King’s beating by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

The photo, which the Philadelphia Inquirer found, shows Coulter wearing a shirt that reads, “LAPD — We Treat You Like a King.” The words on the shirt reference the horrific beating of King, a Black man police brutally battered during a traffic stop in 1991. A resident in a nearby apartment caught the incident on camera and the beating was later broadcast on television, The New York Times previously reported.

The four white officers involved with the assault were brought to trial, but three were acquitted by an all-white jury in 1992, which also declared a mistrial for the fourth officer. The officers’ acquittal helped prompt the 1992 riots in South Los…

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  • Misses

    The history of police in America is one born out of slave-catching during colonial times. Fast forward to a 2009 FBI report stating a national security crises in finding White Supremacists infiltrating America’s military and police forces. For many whites—-especially those in law enforcement—-racism is a family value handed down generationally since colonial times. The battering, jailing, and ruination of black kids and black adults is a sport and “right” to many of those in police uniforms. People are stupid and lack morals to believe that this long-time racist has clean hands and a clean mind. When will black people band together to oust these obvious suspects? Nobody else is going to magically do this work for you and end this left-over vestige of white racist colonial times.

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