ACLU Says Trump is Still Separating Families Despite Court Order

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) accused the Trump administration of continuing to “systematically” separate migrant children from their parents despite a federal court ruling that ordered an end to the process, according to court documents.

In a federal lawsuit filed in San Diego on July 30, the ACLU said that more than 900 parents and children have been separated while in US custody, contradicting the court order from US District Judge Dana M. Sabraw that ordered the government to reunite more than 2,700 children with their parents in June 2018. The organization is asking the federal judiciary to stop  the Trump administration from continuing to separate families, including children away from parents.
“The government is systematically separating large numbers of families based on minor criminal history, highly dubious allegations of unfitness, and errors in identifying bona fide parent-child relationships,” the lawsuit filed by the organization in California reads.

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