A Eulogy For The Man Who Shot Nipsey Hussle

Joseph C. Ewoodzie SAVE THIS

Fans wearing rapper Nipsey Hussle T-shirts await his funeral procession in Los Angeles, California on April 11, 2019 (REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon).

We often characterize shootings, especially those in inner-city America, as senseless violence. Describing them in this manner fails to capture the gravity of the event. What is worse, it helps us abdicate our public responsibilities in such matters.
Let us pray
Lord Jesus it is you who wakes me up every day
And I am forever grateful for your love, this is why I pray
Eric Holder is alleged to have shot and killed Grammy-nominated rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle. He has been on my mind a lot lately because he, too, is part of the tragedy. Who is Eric Holder? Why did he shoot Nipsey? Presumably, he was well aware of all that Nipsey was doing for the community, so why did he take Nipsey’s life? What sense was…

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One comment

  • dsim002

    This perfectly summarizes how I felt about this… a whole tragedy.

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