New Study Argues that LSAT Limits Black Student Enrollment in Law School
Yale University Police Officer Shoots Unarmed Black Woman in the Face
The University of Alabama at Birmingham Allows White Supremacist to Teach Classes
Tennessee Bill Targets Voter Registration Advocacy Groups
Resisting the Policing of our Pain
Ancestry.com Apologizes for Ad Romanticizing Slavery
Airport Body Scanners May be to Blame for Discrimination Against Black Women
Mumia Abu-Jamal Can Appeal Murder Charge, Philly Judge Says
Senator Cory Booker Calls for a ‘New Voting Rights Act’
Trump Admin Wants to Eliminate Housing Assistance for Undocumented Immigrants
New York Bans ICE from Making Arrests in Court
The Daily Chemical Warfare on Black Women’s Bodies
Decades of Police Misconduct Files Destroyed in California
Black Wages Lag Despite US Economic Growth
Poll Shows Women of Color Will Hold Elected Officials Accountable
Vanderbilt University’s Library Defaced With Anti-Semitic Slurs
Racist Rant at Texas AT&T Store Lands White Man in Jail
White Supremacist Sentenced to Life in Racially Motivated Road Rage Case
Black Couple Sues Colorado Police for Illegal Search
Developing Innovative Education for Students of Color
Hundreds of Migrants Detained in Tents in Texas
Missy Elliott Hints at Release of First Album in Over a Decade
Twenty Five Years after the Rwandan Genocide
North Dakota Tribal Leaders Demand Voting Rights
Frederick Douglass’ Spirit Lives on in Gentrifying DC Neighborhood
Legislators Call for End of Juvenile ‘Debtor’s Prisons’
ICE Deports Husband of Fallen Soldier, Then Reverses Decision
Beyoncé’s Reign as Queen Continues With Surprise Live Coachella Album
Black Chess Players Make Moves To Improve The Game
White Supremacist Sentenced to 10 Years After Attempting to Hire Hitman to Kill Black Neighbor
Wealthy San Francisco Residents Fight Against Homeless Shelter
Oprah Considers Opening an All-Girls School in the US
California School District Votes to Eliminate ‘Dixie’ From Its Name
Aretha Franklin Wins Posthumous 2019 Pulitzer Prize
Police Investigate Attack of Transgender Woman in Dallas
Cuban Reggaeton and the Marginalization of Black Music
Facebook’s Board of Directors Diversifies with Appointment of Peggy Alford
Algorithmic Accountability Act Will Force Companies to Check for Coded Bias
Judge Reopens Deportation Case Against 11-Year-Old Girl
Lawmakers Endorse Pell Grant Eligibility for the Incarcerated
Georgia’s Ethics Czar Threatens to Subpoena Stacey Abrams’ Campaign Records
Democrats Rally Around Congresswoman Omar after Right Wing Attacks
Barnard College Apologizes to Student Who was Racially Profiled at University Library
High School Prevents Senior from Wearing Native American Regalia During Graduation
10-Year-Old Boy Handcuffed By DC Police ‘Totally Innocent’ of Armed Robbery
Nipsey Hussle and the Creative Genius of Black Youth
ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Detroit’s Cash Bail System
Howard University Student Discovers Dietary History of New York’s Enslaved Africans
Congresswoman Advocates Ban on Immigration Agencies Contracting with Private Prisons
Chicago Files Lawsuit Against Jussie Smollett for Investigation Costs
Member of Navajo Nation Announces Congressional Bid
Official Blasts NYC Housing Authority For Evicting Elderly Amputee
Georgetown University Students Vote to Establish Reparations Fund
Republicans Plan to Purge Voters in Arizona
New Bill Would Improve Access to Crucial Documents for the Formerly Incarcerated
Morehouse College Will Admit Transgender Men in 2020
Immigration Proposal Increases Wait Time For Asylum Seekers’ Work Permits
Formerly Incarcerated Students Advocate For Reduced Suspensions and Expulsions
Democratic Congresswomen Introduce Legislation to Prevent Workplace Harassment
Police Arrest White Woman Who Defaced Oklahoma City With Racist Messages
New Veterans’ Bills Prohibit Deportation and Improve Health Care
Making Black Lives Matter in America’s History Curriculum
Texas Tech Medical School Will No Longer Consider Race In Admissions
Democrats Move to End the Detention of Pregnant Migrant Women
NYC Teachers Federation Candidate Emphasizes Social Justice in Public Education
Women’s Retirement Protection Act Closes the Gap for Retirees
Oregon Senate Passes Bill Favoring Popular Vote
LA’s Last Black Enclave Under Threat of Gentrification
A Palm Sunday Reflection on America’s Addiction to White Supremacy
Twitter Praises Maxine Waters’ Handling of Mnuchin Hearing
Suspect Arrested in Arsons at Historic Black Churches in Louisiana
Eighth East LA Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Firebombing Black Homes
Senate Bill Would Make College Textbooks More Affordable
Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Depicts Black Double Consciousness (Spoilers)
Trump Administration Says It Will Take Years To Reunite Separated Families
Viral Photo Shows Role of Women in Sudan Protests
Trump Administration Reverses Major League Baseball’s Deal With Cuba
Native Americans Fight Trump’s Push For Pipelines Amid Crippling Floods
Iconic Johnson Publishing Company Files for Bankruptcy
Woman Threatens to Call ICE on Latina Food Vendor in Texas
Airbnb Bans Users Heading to White Nationalist Conference in Tennessee
Oprah Winfrey Donates $2 Million to Puerto Rico Relief Efforts
High School Students Launch Petition to Use the N-Word
Cory Booker Introduces Reparations Commission Bill
Congresswomen Launch Black Maternal Health Caucus
At Risk Communities Could Receive Funding Lifeline
#DontMuteDC Supports Go-Go Music Despite Neighborhood Complaints
Pew Survey Shows Race Relations Worse Under Trump
New Bill Aims to Stop Sexual Harassment in STEM
Brazilian Soldiers Shoot Black Musician 80 Times
Latino DREAMer Pays for College by Selling Tacos in California
Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg Outlines His Agenda for Black Americans
Haitians Denounce Dominican Republic’s Birthright Citizenship Laws
Washington State Secretly Bans Books Donated to Prisoners
NYPD Claims Officer Who Killed Eric Garner Did Not Use Chokehold
Hispanic Caucus Demands Reduction in Immigration Case Backlog
Campaign Demands Removal of Racist Mural in France
Officer Reprimanded After Making Inappropriate Comments To Black Girls
10-Year-Old Girl Killed in Likely Road Rage Incident
ICE Agents Arrest More Than 280 Employees at Texas Company
Baltimore City Council Urges Mayor to Resign  
University Women’s Basketball Coach Face Allegations of Racism
Trump Attacks Ilhan Omar After Supporter Arrested For Death Threat
American University Students Condemn Use of N-Word
Bernie Sanders Supports Voting Rights for Incarcerated People
Motel 6 to Pay $12 Million After Sharing Guest Info with ICE
Zimbabweans Upset After Judges Spend $150K on Wigs
Feds Investigate Suspicious Fires at Historic Black Churches in Louisiana
Alabama Prison Conditions Are Unconstitutional, Justice Department Finds
For Black Students in Higher Education, Victory is in the Struggle
Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Reflects the Struggle for Black Liberation (Spoilers)
Navigating Blackness in a White World
Black Humanism In the Hood
New York Law Seeks to Abolish Cash Bail
Archivists Rush to Digitize Sierra Leone’s Slavery Records
Chicago Elects First Black Woman and Openly Gay Mayor
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the 1964 Harlem Uprising
Inhumane Migrant Holding Pen Closed After Complaints from Civil Rights Groups
Dallas Drops Felony Charge Against Black Woman Attacked By White Man
Houston Prosecutors Drop Assault Charges Against NFL Player Michael Bennett
‘Second Step Act’ Aims to Help Formerly Incarcerated Secure Employment
New Bill to Protect DREAMers’ Private Data
Baltimore Mayor Takes ‘Indefinite Leave of Absence’ After Children’s Book Scandal
Malcolm X’s Message for Today’s Activists
White Power Symbol Found Near Fire at Historic Civil Rights Institution
Continuing Martin Luther King’s Struggle for Justice
Second Woman Says Joe Biden Touched Her Inappropriately
Meet Wayne Messam, America’s Newest Presidential Candidate
Black Attorney Detained By Sheriff Who Didn’t Believe He Was A Lawyer
Lorraine Hansberry and the Pursuit of Black Liberation
Arizona Volunteers Create Underground Network to Help Migrants
Politics and the 2020 Elections: An Interview with Congressman Ro Khanna
Two Black Men in Florida Freed After 42 Years in Jail
Unpaid Interns Negatively Impact Diversity in Congress
Bill Aims to Ease Economic Disparities for Native Americans
Rapper, Community Advocate Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead in LA
HUD Charges Facebook with Housing Discrimination
Seeking Justice for the Death of Latasha Walton
Food Stamp Fraud Is a Crime, But Not in the Way You Might Think
Donald Trump and the Rise of Global White Supremacy
Facebook and Instagram Ban White Supremacist Content
Joe Biden Accused of Inappropriate Behavior by Former Assemblywoman
Black Lives Matter Claims Victory, But No Justice in LAPD Murder of Grechario Mack
A History of Black Women’s Charitable Work in Baltimore
Maurice Bishop and the Legacy of the Grenadian Revolution
Poetry Performs as an Act of Civil Rights
Dominican Republic’s Education Employee Fired After Launching Natural Hair Campaign
Black Women Who Made Medical History
New York’s Loft Law Protects People of Color from Further Gentrification
Government Awards Grants To Native American Victims of Violence
Black Journalists Demand Diversity in CNN Leadership
W.E.B Du Bois and the Lingering Effects of Slavery
The Fight Continues After ICE Releases Flight Attendant with DACA
Celebrating Paul Robeson’s Legacy of Art and Activism
Joe Biden Regrets the Handling of Anita Hill’s Hearings
Lead Poisoning: Biological Warfare and Environmental Racism
Cuban Immigrants Are Seeking Asylum at the US-Mexico Border
Mixed Race Identity in the US and Cuba
Blackface Beyond Black and White
A History of Black Women’s Radical Politics in Chicago
Outrage in Pittsburgh Following Officer Acquittal in Antwon Rose II Murder
Criminal Charges Dropped Against ‘Empire’ Actor Jussie Smollett, Angering Authorities
Where are the Latinos on TV?
Supreme Court Debates Racial Discrimination in Mississippi Death Row Case
Crowdfunding Campaign Houses 8-Year-Old Chess Champion Refugee
Body of Activist Amber Evans Recovered from Ohio’s Scioto River
Do Reparations for Black People Make Sense?
Trump Administration Facing Backlash for Obstructing Asylum Seekers
‘Green Book’ Distorts Jim Crow Above the Mason Dixon Line
Florida’s Ex-Felons Must Pay Court Fees Before Voting
Lerone Bennett’s Lessons For Today’s Black Intellectuals
Trump Administration Allegedly Houses Immigrant Children in Clandestine Shelters
Colorado and Delaware Join States Favoring Electoral College Reforms
Mayor Ras Baraka Favors Universal Income for Newark Residents
Harvard Lawsuit Is ‘Precedent-Setting’ Case on History of Enslavement
New York May Put Legal Cannabis on the Back Burner
Thou Shalt Not Judge: Donald Trump’s Judicial Legacy
How The Incredible Black Superman Represents Us
House Introduces Equality Act for LGBTQ Rights
Elizabeth Warren Wants To Abolish The Electoral College
How Two Black Pageant Queens Exposed the World’s Beauty Biases
Harvard Sued for Profiting from Photos of Enslaved People
New Jersey Teen Gets Accepted to 17 Colleges, Overcoming Homelessness
No Jail Time for Statue of Liberty Climber Patricia Okoumou
Pittsburgh Synagogue Raises Funds for New Zealand Victims
Suffragists Paved the Way for the First Black Female Mayor of Chicago
Mysterious Deaths of Ferguson Protesters Worry Activists
Washington State Governor Enacts Native American Voting Rights Act
Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Rebuke GOP’s Vision for the Future
“No-Knock Warrants” and the Destruction of Civil Liberties
Georgia Rep’s ‘Testicular Bill of Rights’ Challenges Restrictive Abortion Law
Central America Needs a ‘Marshall Plan,’ Julián Castro Says
Ending Police Violence By Changing the System
Trump Silent on White Supremacists in Breitbart Interview
A “Brownface” Incident Exposes Racism in Mexico
Australian Senator Blames Muslim Immigrants for New Zealand Mosque Attack 
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants To ‘Push Forward With Reparations’
Kamala Harris Introduces Bill to Provide Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Public Housing
California Governor Halts Death Penalty
Congresswoman Backs New Bill that Seeks Reparations for Slavery
Oakland Plants Seeds for Community Ownership in Cannabis Industry
White Educator Removed from Teaching Black History Course
Black Employees Accuse UPS of Racism at Work
Winston-Salem Continues Nationwide Trend of Removing Confederate Monuments
Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith Cultivates Community
Meghan Markle and Britain’s Obsession With Race
Trump’s New Budget Guts Social Welfare Programs
Child Separations Continue as Pentagon Seeks Housing
‘Conservative Yelp’ Provides Safe Haven for Trump Supporters
9-year-old launches scholarship fund for women in STEM
Legal Rights for Sex Workers Liberate People of Color
American Higher Education Rattled By Admissions Scandal
Venezuelan Intelligence Services Detain Influential Journalist
Racists Do Not Deserve Forgiveness
‘Gardening While Black’ Lawsuit Reflects History of Food Justice Activism
James Baldwin’s Racial Critique Has Contemporary Relevance
US and Mexico Track Journalists and Immigration Advocates through Secret Database
Racism on the Rise in the Nation’s Schools
House Approves Resolution to Condemn Hate in the Wake of Ilhan Omar’s Comments
The Dream Defenders: Transforming to Serve
Haiti’s Continued Struggle for Human Rights
Profiled At Home: Colorado Officer Harasses Black Homeowner
Down to the Roots: The Radical Politics of Reggae
Reparations on the Agenda for Presidential Hopefuls
Brazil’s Right-Wing President Faces Backlash After Explicit Tweets
Trump Appeals to Base by Celebrating the Nation’s Racist Past
Bernie Sanders: Define ‘Empowerment’ Before Reparations
San Francisco Uses Tech To Expunge Thousands of Unfair Marijuana Convictions
21 Savage’s Citizenship Saga and Becoming American
Race and Representation in the Craft Community
Anti-Semitism Resolution Reveals Deep Divide on Israel
Black Men Targeted in Civil Forfeiture Get Relief from State Legislature
Donald Trump is a Symptom of a Pre-existing Condition
No Charges for Police in Stephon Clark Murder
Twitter Trolls Trump’s Promise of ‘Unwavering Support’ for Tornado Victims
Prince of Soul Marvin Gaye Makes His Stamp on History
Making American Democracy a Triumph of Equality
Historically Black Colleges and Universities Provide Hope for the Future
Black Farmers Are America’s Future
Understanding Marco Rubio’s Ominous Tweets About Cuba and Venezuela
Frederick Douglass’s Radical Abolitionism for Our Times
Race and Historical Amnesia in ‘Green Book’
The FBI’s War Against Black Radicals
A New Generation of Soul: Durand Jones and The Indications
Masking Whiteness through Anti-Identity Politics
Disability and Self-Determination in Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’
How W.E.B. Du Bois Resisted Government Repression
Bennett College Stands Resilient in the Face of Accreditation Loss
Venezuela: Another US-sponsored coup in Latin America
Houston Rapper Releases Four Albums in One Day
The Politics of Contemporary Black Liberation
‘Green Book’ Appeases White Anxieties about Black Excellence
Spike Lee Wins First Oscar for ‘BlacKkKlansman’
Challenging Lethal Policing in California
Prison Book Censorship Bars Liberation
R. Kelly Faces 10 Counts of Sexual Abuse
SCOTUS Decision Boosts Criminal Justice Reform
Boston White Supremacists Signal National Trend
White Professor Targets Black Girls Code
The Shared Histories of Black and Native Americans
Houston Teen Ignites Push for Gun Violence Prevention
When Racism and Fashion Collide
Governor Ralph Northam Can’t Erase Slavery
Black Hair Triumphs in NYC Hair Discrimination Ban
Blackface: White Racist Fantasy
Jussie Smollett Can’t Destroy Black History Month
The Mysterious Prison Death of Anthony Myrie
Black History Month in Donald Trump’s America
Immunity for Police Means Despair for Korryn Gaines’ Family
Standing on Principle: Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Settlement
Black and Brown Women Save The World
Sixth Grader stands up by sitting down for Pledge of Allegiance
W.E.B. Du Bois and Liberation Journalism
The North Star: A Tool for Liberation
Ida B. Wells Drive: More Than a Street
The Legacy of Frederick Douglass and The North Star
Confronting Racism at a Long Island Middle School
Veterans Affairs’ Childcare Amendment Targets Employees With Drug Convictions
Black Women and A Legacy of Direct Action
Black Men and the Politics of Hair
Nooses Are Not ‘Back to school necklaces’
Before Kaepernick Took a Knee: Ferguson’s NFL Protests
The North Star’s Resistance to White Supremacy
Medicare for All: A Cure for Healthcare Injustice
The Myth of a Colorblind King
A Shared Legacy: Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X
Treat Black Girls and Women with Dignity and Respect
How We Lost Affirmative Action