Started in 1847 by Frederick Douglass & Dr. Martin Delany as the leading abolitionist newspaper of its day, we have rebuilt and relaunched The North Star as a modern hub for liberation journalism. Every article, podcast, broadcast, and story that we tell will not just be told to change the news. The North Star is here to change the world.

Our first television broadcast in our new studio is later today!

We purchased and completely renovated our own television studio so that we could broadcast the news to you daily – covering the essential stories that simply aren’t being told anywhere else.


We are unbought and unbossed, debt free, and ready to speak truth to power.

Not only will we call racism and white supremacy out for what they truly are, we will give you news with the context, color, urgency, expertise, and cultural competency so often lacking in the mainstream media.


We aren’t just a media company, we are a community.

The North Star is not just a media company – we are a carefully curated community full of rich, instructive conversations that we invite you to be a part of. Here you will interact directly with our journalists, hosts, and with one another in a hate-free environment.

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